healthy, inclusive and livable communities

desired outcomes

  • The built and natural environment supports healthy and active choices.

    A deliberate focus on the built environment’s influence on physical activity, mobility choices, access to healthy food and the natural environment supports the opportunity to lead healthy and active lifestyles throughout the region.

  • The region’s residents have expanded connections to health services.

    Expanded connections to health services improve the health and wellness of residents in the Denver region. Connections to health services are expanded through improved multimodal transportation access, the location of new health facilities and other innovative approaches resulting in more convenient access to health services.

  • Diverse housing options meet the needs of residents of all ages, incomes and abilities.

    Housing choices allow individuals and families to find desirable housing that is affordable and accessible to them in communities throughout the region, allowing them to stay in their community of choice as their economic or life circumstances change. A range of housing options across the region benefits both individuals and families, and can improve the economic vitality and diversity of local communities.

Safe and accessible Arvada

The City of Arvada collaborated with Brothers Redevelopment to create Safe and Accessible Arvada, which helps aging residents modify their homes for safety and comfort.

performance measures

Performance measures are critically important in monitoring the region’s progress toward Metro Vision themes and outcomes. They are used to obtain regular measurement of outcomes and results. They also generate reliable data to help local governments and partners evaluate policies, programs and initiatives. As part of its reporting on plan progress toward healthy and livable communities, DRCOG will use the performance measures outlined below.

  • residents living in affordable locations

    share of population living in areas with housing and transportation affordable to typical household

    2013 Baseline | 41%

    2015 Observation | 44%

    2040 Target | 50%

  • comprehensive performance measures status report

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